Lip na Cloiche Garden ~ Visitor Comments

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Visitors to Lip na Cloiche garden often comment on their visits. A small sample of their views is given below.

"Wow! this garden is epic!" Simon aged 8

"I have visited a lot of gardens but I think this is the most amazing I have ever seen."


"We visited Highgrove last year, but this knocks the socks off it."

"I feel inspired - I want to rush home and do some gardening. I'm going to drive my parents crazy!" (A teenager)

"The most interesting garden I have ever visited."

"We visit Inverewe - it is rubbish! This garden is wonderful!" Two French students.

"This is the most beautiful thing I've seen on our holiday."

"Best garden I have visited in a long time"

"Absolutely fantastic garden."

"What an inspiration."

" Wonderful - amazing: I haven't got enough superlatives"

"The most stunning garden we have ever visited."

"What a brilliant garden."

"Just the sort of garden I like."

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